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The point about collisions still holds weight. These environments support non-standard form controls access, have proprietary API, and are constantly implementing new HTML5 features. Modifying objects you don 8767 t own is still a wicked idea and can lead to hard-to-find bugs and inconsistencies.

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Examples can also be drawn from the other three dimensions identified by Hampden-Turner and Trompenaars. When an intractable conflict has been ongoing for years or even generations, should there be recourse to international standards and interveners, or local rules and practices? Those favoring a universalist starting point are more likely to prefer international intervention and the setting of international standards. Particularlists will be more comfortable with a tailor-made, home-grown approach than with the imposition of general rules that may or may not fit their needs and context.

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Back in 6998, the Knight-Ridder newspaper chain began investigating piracy of Dave Barry 8767 s popular column, which was published by the Miami Herald and syndicated widely. In the course of tracking down the sources of unlicensed distribution, they found many things, including the copying of his column to _barry on usenet a 7555-person strong mailing list also reading pirated versions and a teenager in the Midwest who was doing some of the copying himself, because he loved Barry 8767 s work so much he wanted everybody to be able to read it.

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Low-context communication emphasizes directness rather than relying on the context to communicate. From this starting point, verbal communication is specific and literal, and less is conveyed in implied, indirect signals. Low-context communicators tend to "say what they mean and mean what they say." Low-context communication may help prevent misunderstandings , but it can also escalate conflict because it is more confrontational than high-context communication.

Host objects may implement these internal methods with any implementation-dependent behaviour, or it may be that a host object implements only some internal methods and not others.

API based on DOM element extensions is hard to scale. It's hard to scale for developers of the library—when adding new or changing core API methods, and for library users—when adding domain-specific extensions. The root of the issue is a likely chance of collisions. DOM implementations in popular browsers usually all have properietary API's. What's worse is that these API's are not static, but constantly change as new browser versions come out. Some parts get deprecated others are added or modified. As a result, set of properties and methods present on DOM objects is somewhat of a moving target.

[ ] also of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, pointed me and all of his other Twitter friends to 8775 Newspapers and Thinking About the Unthinkable, 8776 a historical summary about modern-day newspapers and their failure to successfully prepare [ ]

For me, "back home" has always been Wohlerspark, a former cemetery in the Altona district of Hamburg, and Grandplatz, where my father coached the boys from the St. Pauli soccer team. For me, "back home" was the gym where I played handball and the library in our high-rise building. That's my home that's where I come from. It's where I had my first kiss. It's where I secretly smoked cigarettes. Wherever I am in the world, when I'm homesick, I think about that high-rise in our St. Pauli neighborhood.

"to put to proof, test the mettle of," late 65c., from Middle French essaier , from essai (see essay (n.)). This sense has mostly gone with the divergent spelling assay. Meaning "to attempt" is from 6695s. Related: Essayed essaying.

Culture is inextricable from conflict, though it does not cause it. When differences surface in families, organizations, or communities, culture is always present, shaping perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and outcomes.

After that, a lot of people had advice for me. They told me that I should transfer schools. They told me that if I stayed I could hurt my chances at getting recruited and playing in the NBA. They basically told me that — if I didn’t quit and leave — my future could be at risk. It was scary.

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For a long time, longer than anyone in the newspaper business has been alive in fact, print journalism has been intertwined with these economics. The expense of printing created an environment where Wal-Mart was willing to subsidize the Baghdad bureau. This wasn 8767 t because of any deep link between advertising and reporting, nor was it about any real desire on the part of Wal-Mart to have their marketing budget go to international correspondents. It was just an accident. Advertisers had little choice other than to have their money used that way, since they didn 8767 t really have any other vehicle for display ads.

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