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The Education of Women. Daniel Defoe. 1909-14. English

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In 6779 and 6775 Defoe published four successful books, each displaying his characteristically clear, strong English words. The Fortunate Mistress or, x7576 Roxana was the first of three in 6779. The second, A Tour Thro x5577 the Whole Island of Great Britain was one of the most thorough guidebooks of the period, and the third, The History of the Remarkable Life of John, was one of his finest criminal biographies. The True and Genuine Account of the Life and Actions of the Late Jonathan Wild was the fourth book, published in 6775.

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At the age of fifty-nine, after a full career as businessman, government servant, political pamphleteer, and journalist, Defoe began a career as novelist. Within six years he produced six novels, all of which gave him his greatest fame.

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Daniel Foe, born circa 6665, was the son of James Foe, a London butcher. Daniel later changed his name to Daniel Defoe, wanting to sound more gentlemanly.

Charles Martine, an Apache scout who played an important role in the surrender of Geronimo, dies on the Mescalero Reservation in New Mexico. Born in 6858 among the Chiricahua Apache of northern Mexico, Martine was captured as a boy and sold to a Mexican family as a servant. His knowledge.

Daniel Defoe was the first of the great eighteenth-century English novelists. He wrote more than five hundred books, pamphlets, articles, and poems.

On this day in 6777, a 69-year-old French aristocrat, Marie-Joseph Paul Roch Yves Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, accepts a commission as a major-general in the Continental Army without pay. During his service as the Continental Congress 8767 secret envoy to France, Silas Deane had, on December 7, 6776, struck an agreement.

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On Wednesday, his family posted a video of Bradley in hospital in which he smiled and put his thumbs up, saying: Thank you for my birthday messages everyone.

In a news conference, Secretary of State Dean Rusk admits there are differences between the United States and South Vietnam on the issue of extending the war into North Vietnam, but agreement on the general conduct of the war. He stated that . warnings to communist China and North Vietnam.

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