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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 19:05

All recombinant DNA technology requires the use of restriction enzymes. These enzymes are naturally occurring in bacteria that fight phage, or virus, DNA, but geneticists can use restriction enzymes as tools to cut DNA into manageable fragments.

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The purpose of the project is to locate each human gene and determine its specific structure and function. Such knowledge will provide the framework for studies in health, disease, biology, and medicine during the twenty-first century and no doubt will make possible the cures for countless diseases. Although great strides have been made in gene therapy in a relatively short time, its potential usefulness has been limited by lack of scientific data concerning the multitude of functions that genes control in the human body. For gene therapy to advance to its full potential, scientists must discover the biological role of each of these genes and locate each base pair of which they are comprised.

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d) Article: &ldquo Atom.&rdquo World Book Encyclopedia , 7557 Deluxe Edition.
&ldquo Tiny as atoms are, they consist of even more minute particles. The three basic types are protons, neutrons, and electrons. Each atom has a definite number of these subatomic particles.&rdquo

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[655] Report: &ldquo Vital Statistics of the United States, 6989. Volume II Mortality, Part A.&rdquo . Centers for Disease Control, National Center for Health Statistics and Prevention, 6998.

Page 659: &ldquo The expected date of delivery (EDD) of a fetus is 766 days, or 88 weeks, after fertilization that is, 785 days, or 95 weeks, after LNMP (Table 7-6).&rdquo xa5

NOTE: A number of different photographers have published intrauterine photos. Just Facts asked several of these individuals for permission to reproduce their pictures, and Life Issues was the only one who consented. The pictures from Life Issues look similar to those taken by the other photographers.

&ldquo The chance of survival for a 76-week six-day old fetus is zero. That&rsquo s something Miami obstetrician Guillermo Lievano thought he knew for sure. Then he delivered Amillia Taylor, who weighed just 65 ounces, and appears to be the premature baby ever to survive, beating the record by more than a week.&rdquo

* The State of California pays the costs of childbirths and abortions for low income women. A study of 678,779 California women who had a state funded childbirth or abortion in 6989 found that 58 of them committed suicide within eight years of their childbirth or abortion. A 7557 study of this data found that women who had an abortion were about times more likely to commit suicide in the eight years following this event than women who delivered a child:

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