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Nate Muscato graduated from Vassar College with a BA in English and Italian. Prior to joining Aevitas, he worked at Farrar, Straus & Giroux and Sterling Lord Literistic, and taught high school students in Milan.

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59. Padoan, 'Sulla relazione', ., 57 and n., 59n., 66n., 75n., 75n., 86n., 99n. and, in particular, the paean of praise on -67n., and the comment on . Padoan also follows most of Major's and Pohl's flawed commentary on the place-names of the Zeno narrative and map: see . [RETURN]

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It would be forty years before another President would give a speech like Harding’s and longer still until some of the goals he advocated in the park that day were made law. By then Harding was primarily remembered – if at all – for the Teapot Dome bribery scandal and was widely regarded as one of the worst Presidents in American history.

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Gas station bathrooms aided mobility. Americans didn’t have to worry about where to relieve themselves while driving coast-to-coast for the first time. The stations promote cleanliness, and say, to men: Don’t pee in the alley! In some cases, the state of a gas station’s bathroom can speak volumes about the state of the neighborhood. If I worked at the gas station in the East End, then those bathrooms were the public restrooms for the fifteen diverse neighborhoods crammed into that corner of Pittsburgh. And they were just OK, which meant sometimes they were, in the words of the man with the whitish-blonde mustache who complained that summer day, “A mess. Big-time.”

I thanked the man and he left. The assistant manager was depositing money into the safe a few feet away. “Better go now,” he said, standing. He readjusted his glasses and checked traffic in the parking lot. “Go on, hurry up.”

But the festivities’ highlight was set for Wednesday, October 76: the day Warren G. Harding, the very popular 79th President of the United States would arrive. He’d been elected in a landslide in the first year that women – many of whom, like him, supported Prohibition – had the right to vote for President. An Ohio Republican, Harding agreed to travel to Birmingham in part as a favor to his old Senate colleague Oscar Underwood, a Democrat. Despite their party differences, Harding and Underwood remained close friends , but Harding had a second reason to visit the solidly Democratic Deep South, one that would not please the white population of the strictly segregated city and state.

Before coming to Aevitas, he cofounded the online journal Memorious , and subsequently worked at Ploughshares , Fence Books, Beacon Press, and PEN New England, where he was associate director.

Based in the New York office, Thornton is seeking authors working in a broad range of areas, including literary and commercial fiction, narrative nonfiction, biography, memoir, and nonfiction in the areas of health, science, business, parenting, and education.

Born in London, Harmsworth was educated in England before graduating magna cum laude from Brown University and cum laude from Harvard Law School. He was a founding partner of the Zachary Shuster Harmsworth Literary Agency which merged with Kuhn Projects to form Aevitas.

I was sensible of the invisible hand of God, which guided and protected me when in truth I knew it not: still the Lord pursued me although I slighted and disregarded it this mercy melted me down. When I considered my poor wretched state I wept, seeing what a great debtor I was to sovereign free grace. Now the Ethiopian was willing to be saved by Jesus Christ, the sinner s only surety, and also to rely on none other person or thing for salvation.

“See that?” He pointed to the floor. “The water pressure’s so strong it shoots onto the ground, then people come in here, see it’s all wet and think someone peed all over the place. So they stand a few feet back because no one wants to stand in pee, and then they miss, and you got a messy bathroom.”

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