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I also can see in the dark and with eyes closed . I see some faint white lines that form around me. I also use sound like blind people do to move about. I am not crazy. I also became a grade7( max is 8 )clarinetist in years. What next
I tried to meditate to tame my lli. I also got a B in gce o level Art without ever practising for 8 years or taking classes. I am extremely creative, more than anyone i have ever met. No boasting here. Sincerely. I won some Bionicle competitions when i was 8years old, others were 67,66,69.

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Anyways i would like to thank you for starting this comunnity, it saved me from commitng many more mistakes, i hope that in the future it becomes a condition recognized by every psycologist so people dont commit the same mistakes that i did.

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Belle 8767 s true life was one without glamour. The so-called Bandit Queen was actually an unfortunate woman hardened by her times and associates. She has been described as 8766 bony and flat chested with a mean mouth hatchet faced gotch-toothed tart. 8767 In her later years, she really was a companion to known thieves and felons, but it is doubtful she ever did more than steal horses and provide a haven for fugitives.

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But it is really overwhelming to learn about people who like me really exists, at least 6: 6 555 555. And gave me an exact short CIVILIZED explanation for what I am having, which I could use to explain to other people about me in much more factual manner.

These are just some of the things I find I 8767 ve been doing for as long as I can remember. Now I believe I 8767 m fairly intelligent but don 8767 t really know my IQ level. But as a guess I would say its above average. Well I can only assume if I am LLI and of average to below average intelligence things could beverly different for me)!

Well Steve, as I 8767 ve said before, I 8767 m not a doctor, and so I can 8767 t really tell you if you have LLI or not. However, if the things mentioned in the post and the comments an the links to other LLI info describe you perfectly, then chances are good that you do.

This is so so bizarre. I have always felt like I was a 8766 bit weird 8767 . mainly from other people 8767 s observations.. but this is feeling remarkably similar to how my brain works.

Let me introduce myself I did my Bachelors from IIT Roorkee and Masters from IIM, Ahmedabad. I am now a founder of a news technology company, NewsBytes.

The Reeds returned to Texas, and Belle left her husband, moving in with her parents. She objected not only to his life of crime but also to the fact he had taken up with another woman Rosa McCommas. Belle and Jim had been together a little more than seven years.

I don 8767 t know if one could say that they HAVE LLI, only that they display these qualities/symptoms. People who show signs do not all have the same reasons. I suspect environmental factors contribute, like those which cause anxiety (and heightened awareness), as well as genetic causes.

Your article was great and reading the comments was very enjoyable too. Especially the chitterychatt between you and Brandon. Interesting to read indeed.

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