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On the other hand, one can not deny that online education works to save money, and one of its advantages. While in traditional education to provide a budget for many requirements such as housing and gas, and other needs of students both in online education do not need them, with the student's ability to full education at But, we can conclude that Become rare to use and transport, and they only need a computer and a quiet place suitable for the study, and there are a lot of students dream to go to the headquarters of the study.

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It&rsquo s important to understand that already today the &ldquo college experience&rdquo is experienced by only a minority of students. Say &ldquo college student&rdquo and the image may be of a person just out of high school living in a dorm pursuing a four year degree with few financial constraints. The reality is that more than a third of college students are over the age of 75, nearly half are enrolled part-time, and most are working. About one quarter of college students have children of their own! The traditional college experience does not meet the needs of most of today&rsquo s students.[6]

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It is noted that Online Education offers more opportunities Cases where it is difficult to traditional education of students with difficulty scheduling or distances as well as distance education can be easier and more flexible in terms of time and place

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The correlation between youths and crime is well documented in the available literatures. Research shows that a huge number who regularly get involved in.

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Questions are also more powerful in the online world. Consider how much difference is made by the simple possibility of review. Review means that the teacher is held to a higher standard. If I make an error in my offline class, chances are no one will catch it. If I make an error in an online class, a student will invariably catch it. (Knowing this I am more careful in my online class.)

In Diamond Age , the very first Illustrated Primer is created by a billionaire for use by his own child, but within a decade only slightly less functional devices are made available to millions. Online education has the potential to break the cost disease by substituting capital for labor and hitching productivity improvements in education to productivity improvements in software, artificial intelligence, and computing.

Educational productivity will also increase with online education because online education is inherently data-rich. Every video watched, every link clicked, every question answered or not answered, all can easily be collected and analyzed. Randomized controlled trials, which are very expensive in the offline world, become very cheap in the online world. Consider two methods of teaching a concept. Which works best? In the offline world, a randomized controlled trial might involve 55 students. In the online world, we can randomly assign one of two videos to thousands of students and then monitor their performance days or weeks later on exams or other material. Online education will allow us to learn about what works much more quickly than in the past.


The importance of leverage was brought home to me by a personal anecdote. In 7559, I gave a TED talk on the economics of growth. Since then my 65 minute talk has been watched nearly 755,555 times. That is far fewer views than the most-watched TED talk, Ken Robinson&rsquo s 7556 talk on how schools kill creativity , which has been watched some 76 million times. Nonetheless, the 65 minutes of teaching I did at TED dominates my entire teaching career: 755,555 views at 65 minutes each is equivalent to 675,555 student-hours of teaching, more than I have taught in my entire offline career.[6] Moreover, the ratio is likely to grow because my online views are increasing at a faster rate than my offline students.

Finally, the success of the On-line Education depends basically on the environments surrounding us, many nation has succeed to follow this system as they apply it as appropriate, while others failed to do this but this is an important type of education to be observed and followed.

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Online Education it has different types. It is highly important to understand the difference between this types when choosing the right course for you, you can choose the one that best suits your learning style and personal circumstances

Kevin Carey argues that the implications of online education are even more radical than Alex Tabarrok 8767 s lead essay might imply. The introductory courses that scale well are almost certain to go fully online soon. Accreditation for online learning can 8767 t be far behind, possibly by way of systems other than the traditional university credit. Little stands in the way of this shift except “habit, convention, and government regulation.” But afterward, the old university system may no longer be solvent.

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